This decade has seen remarkable growth in renewable energy in England; 19 per cent of our power now comes from renewable sources. Renewables are a public policy success story – a combination of public and private investment has led to innovation and technological progress, new industries and rapidly falling costs.

This report examines the renewables revolution in England: what are the key technologies, where have they been deployed, and what is the outlook following the virtual ending of public policy support. To draw these lessons, we have analysed 736,998 renewable energy projects.

It is difficult to exaggerate the scale and speed of the shift in power generation, from around 50 large generation stations to a decentralised system in which three quarters of a million householders, landowners and businesses have become energy generators.

In contrast, the speed of change in heating is much slower – renewable energy provides the equivalent of just 3 per cent of household heating needs in England.


Published: August 2016