This report uses the south west of England as a ‘test bed’ to look in more detail at what is powering this revolution. It sets out the excellent renewable energy resources, the progress we are making in harnessing them and the lessons we can draw for the national Renewable Energy Roadmap to increase the speed of deployment and job creation.

The past year in the south west has seen record growth in renewable electricity from 218 MW to over 520 MW and consistent growth in renewable heat. This investment has led to strong growth in jobs. We estimate we could be approaching 10,000 people employed in the sector, up from 5,000 in just two years. The great majority of this growth is in small and medium-sized projects – a wind farm at Fullabrook in North Devon was the only large project installed.

It is particularly rewarding in Regen SW’s tenth year to see this scale of growth on our key objectives of increased jobs and MWs. However, what counts is this is not just a blip.


Published: August 2012