Local Supply

A paper by Regen SW and Stephens Scown outlining options available to community groups, local councils and housing associations to become electricity suppliers

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Demand response

A ground breaking demand response trial with Tempus, WPD and WREN – enabling local people to match local renewable generation and demand – reducing bills.

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Grid planning

A major study for Western Power Distribution on scenarios of the growth of renewable energy generation, storage and EV to inform their strategic grid investment.

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Helping local communities to explore new renewable energy business models, neighbourhood planning and engagement to build stronger and more resilient communities.

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Regen SW is supporting South West Water to develop and deliver its renewable energy strategy for their current investment period, with local stakeholders.

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Providing a voice for the sector at the heart of government and detailed policy insights and analysis for members.

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A directory that is showcasing the smart and storage sector potential. Opportunities to raise your profile.

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Art and Energy

Using the power of the creative arts sector to improve communication and engagement in energy.

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Community Heat

A community heat toolkit for DECC, to help early stage communities work out their options for heat projects.

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Developing the SW as a global centre for the marine energy sector in both development and export potential.

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Entrepreneurial Women in Renewables is addressing the under-representation of women in our sector, to ensure the sector well placed to fulfill its potential.

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Progress report

The SW now generates enough renewable electricity to power approximately one million homes, see our detailed annual analysis.

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Local Authorities

Helping local authorities across the south west explore opportunities around district heating, community energy and licenced supply.

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Pathway to Parity

A series of thought leadership papers and events looking at key areas of opportunity and examples of market leading initiatives.

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Fund management

Regen SW Manages community benefit funds for developers, maintains the wind national register and advises on best practice.

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Smart Energy Marketplace

Showcasing the smart, decentralised energy system of the future – a radical shift in the way we power our lives that is creating huge opportunities.

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Join Regen SW

We invite you to join us working for the future of sustainable energy.

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