Our Work

We are an independent not for profit working with industry and partners to overcome barriers to the development of sustainable energy. We promote an approach to development that builds local supply chains creating high value jobs and delivers tangible benefits to local communities

Creating a positive environment for sustainable energy

We focus our work on one overarching goal: Creating a positive environment for sustainable energy in the south west

Our ambitions are set out in our South West Renewable Energy Manifesto , we track progress through our annual Progress Report and we showcase the sector at our events and in our publications and extensive work with the press.

Supporting four priority sectors

Alongside our work on a positive environment, we support the successful development of four priority sectors: 

We target our interventions in our priority sectors through analysis of the maturity of the sector and deliver activities and projects which remove barriers, inform policy and decision-makers, build new markets and establish growing supply chains. 

  • Creating a positive environment

    We undertake a holistic programme of work to build political, community and public support, enable an approach to development that brings local benefits, and address the key challenges of grid and planning.

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