Regen calls on government to back community energy

26 November 2012

Dear member,

As you are probably aware, DECC issued a call for evidence on community engagement and benefits from onshore wind developments. This was partly in response to all the negative press that onshore wind has received in the last year and in an attempt to improve the benefits that communities receive from hosting wind farms. Our response to the call for evidence can be found here.

Regen has used the opportunity to urge government to support community energy groups. We believe that the growth in community energy is having an important and positive impact on the onshore wind sector; from enabling more proactive engagement with developers and local authorities, through to driving forward community led wind projects. A new model for community involvement in wind energy is clearly emerging, which is much deeper than simple engagement and involvement in benefit schemes.

Therefore, Regen has called on the government to embrace, support and nurture this emerging model through a comprehensive policy framework of support for community energy groups. This could be delivered through the government’s Community Energy Strategy, which we expect to see in 2013.

Regen will continue to engage with DECC in the development of this strategy and on individual policies related to community energy, for example through DECC’s Stakeholder Advisory Group, which Merlin Hyman sits on.

If you have further evidence, case studies or comments that you would like to feed in to the process, please get in touch with Tamar on

Regen will also continue to support community energy through its Communities for Renewables support programme. You can find out more here.

Kind regards,

Merlin Hyman