FIT impact assessment published

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has published the Impact Assessment that goes alongside the consultation on changes to the PV feed-in tariff.  According to the impact assessment, delaying cuts to the FIT to April 2012 as originally scheduled would cost households less than £1 per year. 

The impact assessment assumes the reduced tariffs would cut sub-4kW PV installs by 70% from December 2011 to April 2012 and 4 to 50kW installs by 95%.  Introducing an energy efficiency requirement from April 2012 would have an additional impact on install rates, with the introduction of an EPC level C requirement estimated to reduce uptake by up to 92% for 2012-2013 onwards compared to uptake under the proposed tariffs. 

To read the impact assessment visit the DECC website.

Visit Regen SW's page on the FIT review to learn about the current review and understand what you can do to support the lobby against the cuts.