Planners' toolkit

Welcome to the South West Planners' Toolkit on Climate Change

The toolkit has been developed to provide advice on Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Adaptation based on the guidance given in the Climate Change Supplement to Planning Policy Statement 1 (generally referred to simply as the Climate Change PPS hereafter).

The content of the toolkit is aimed at three principal groups within Local Authorities in the South West of England but may be of use and interest to anyone wanting to know more about the topic areas covered. The three target audience groups are;

  • Policy Officers
  • Development Management Officers
  • Elected Members and other LA Officers

Content is split into a number of topic areas aimed at one or more of the target audiences. Each topic will provide a range of information designed to assist your Local Authority deliver a considered, well-informed response to the Climate Change PPS.

What is the scope of the toolkit?

The toolkit will do different things for different people, but, it’s worth noting that whilst you will see many of the issues around climate change mentioned in the toolkit, it deals specifically with the issues of sustainable energy and climate change adaptation arising from the Climate Change PPS. Where possible, cross-over with other policy areas has been highlighted and links provided to other resources which will give useful information on those topics.

Think of the toolkit less as a ‘answer book’ and more as a ‘how to’ manual. For example, it can’t provide ready-made policy but it can show you how to create policy based on a robust evidence base. And it can’t make decisions for you on specific planning applications, but can show you what to consider when assessing a planning application in light of the Climate Change PPS.

It will also direct you to useful examples of the kinds of issues you may encounter in developing your authority’s response to the Climate Change PPS.


This website is written for you. In this context, ‘you’ means any local authority in the South West of England and where ‘you’ is written in the toolkit it implies you in your capacity as a representative of the local authority for whom you work.